CarPro SiC Quartz Coating – 30 ml.

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To celebrate the end of the decade and ten years of CQUARTZ, we are proud to introduce the next step in evolution. After intense research, development and testing, CarPro CQUARTZ SiC is ready to continue where TiO2 left off. As the name suggests, this new formula of CarPro SiC incorporates SiC (Silicon Carbide) for added chemical resistance. CarPro have also greatly improved the ease of use, resistance to water spotting and even amped up the gloss and depth! Finally, the ridiculous level of slickness will leave you thrilled with the results.


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  • Acid and alkyl chemical resistance from 2 ~ 13 pH.
  • Better water spots and minerals resistance.
  • Highly smooth feeling.
  • Deep gloss.
  • Very easy application in any temperature.
Tech specifications:
  • Sliding angle: 10 ̊.
  • Water contact angle: 110 ̊.
  • Heat tolerance: 392 ̊ F.
  • Application temp. range: 50 ̊F ~100 ̊ F.
  • Surface finish: High slickness.
  • Gloss: Mirror Shine.
  • Chemical resistance: 2 ~ 13 pH.
  • Mineral resistance: High (easy to remove).
  • Salt resistance: Medium.
Coating Maintenance:
  1. Wash with CARPRO Reset regularly.
  2. Wash Mitt:
    • CarPro Microfibre Wash Mitt (Recommended for daily drivers and most cars - This mitt is easiest to maintain and is extremely durable as well as washing out most easily)
    • Cquartz Wool Wash Mitt (Recommended if car has extremely soft paint or car does not get extremely dirty)
  3. Always use a drying towel!
  4. Quick Detailing: CARPRO Elixir and CarPro BOA Buffing Towels towels
  5. Occasionally (every 3 to 6 months) decontaminate surface with CARPRO Iron X.  Use during wash cycle (after Reset) and as directed
  6. You may use CARPRO Reload every 3-12 months.
CarPro Cquartz SiC

Available in 10ml*, 30ml, 50ml & 100ml Kits

*Please Note:

The 10ml size comes with the coating and 2x suede cloths only

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30 ml.


Ceramic Coating


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CarPro SiC Quartz Coating - 30 ml.
CarPro SiC Quartz Coating - 30 ml.
63.95 inc. VAT