Liquid Elements T2000 V4 DA Polisher

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Liquid Elements T2000 V4 is an electric polishing machine suitable for the eccentric polishing of cars and other surfaces. It has a 125 mm diameter backing pad and a 710 watt motor. The speed regulator allows the speed to be controlled in 6 positions between 1500 and 5000 rpm. This versatile polisher is suitable for anyone who wants to start polishing, or who already has extensive experience.


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Eccentric car polishing 

Polish your vehicle eccentrically with this dual action polisher. The Liquid Elements T2000 V4 polisher has an eccentric stroke of 8mm while polishing. Dual Action (D.A.) means that the pad not only rotates on itself, but also oscillates with an eccentric stroke. This results in a random orbiting movement of the backing pad. By polishing with eccentric rotation, you do not have to worry about overheating the paint or getting holograms and swirls on the car. It is also possible to get the highest possible glossy surface.

About the Liquid Elements T2000 V4 Electric Eccentric Polisher

The T2000 V4 polisher is based on the most popular polishers from Liquid Elements. This dual action polisher has an ergonomic design that makes the machine comfortable to hold while working. It has a double reduction gearing that provides much more torque than other similar machines. This, in combination with the powerful 710 watt motor gives fantastic results! Are you going to buy the Liquid Elements T2000 V4 Electric Eccentric Polisher? Then it will come as follows:

  • (1x) Liquid Elements T2000 V4 electric eccentric polisher
  • (1x) Liquid Elements storage bag
  • (1x) 125mm Velcro backing pad
  • (2x) carbon brushes
  • (1x) Allen key
  • (1x) instruction manual
Convert the polisher with a 75mm pad!

This Liquid Elements T2000 V4 polisher is standard supplied with a 125mm pad. This pad is suitable for attaching 130mm or 150mm polishing discs. Would you like to use smaller polishing discs with this machine? That’s possible! Then convert the machine to a 75 mm pad. Order it at the same time when you buy the polisher.

Features of the Liquid Elements T2000 V4 eccentric polisher
  • Eccentric polishing
  • Safe for all automotive paints
  • Comes with a Liquid Elements storage bag
  • 125mm velcro backing pad
  • 710 watt motor
  • Eccentric stroke: 8mm
  • 8 metre power cable
  • Thread for backing pad: 5/16”

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Liquid Elements T2000 V4 DA Polisher
Liquid Elements T2000 V4 DA Polisher
129.95 inc. VAT