Poka Premium Equipment Wheel Stand PRO

149.95 inc. VAT

Our innovative wheel stand in the PRO version. Precisely made and reliably secured allows for comfortable and safe work on the entire wheels. Thanks to 3 rollers, we can easily turn the wheel in any direction. The rollers are set at an angle, supporting the wheel against the brace. An innovation introduced in the PRO version is the element that strengthens the vertical headband so that it gives up as little as possible when working on the wheel. This makes working on the rim even more convenient.


All orders to Europe are delivered within three to seven business days.

The stand is made of 3mm high-quality, durable and galvanized steel, finally covered with a powder finish. The lower rollers, 300 mm long, and the upper rollers, 400 mm long (total shackle length 900 mm) will fit rims from 14 ”to 22”. High-quality rubber feet will keep the stand in one position throughout the work.

Thanks to the thick zinc layer and high-quality powder paint, the stand is fully resistant to water and chemicals. In the PRO version, the thread of the roll is made of stainless steel, also resistant to water and chemicals..

The stand is ideal for:
  • Ceramic coating application
  • Wheel renovation
  • Polishing the rims
  • Painting rims
  • Cleaning rims

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Weight 3.6 kg


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Poka Premium Equipment Wheel Stand PRO
Poka Premium Equipment Wheel Stand PRO
149.95 inc. VAT